The Bonfire

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The Bonfire

Post  Aasha on Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:42 pm

Copied with permission from Fury forum for your reading pleasure:

Angeljoy25 wrote:This was the first adventure that Angel really had an assistant and she was thoroughly enjoying it.  She still had a lot of work to do, but not near as much as normal.  As usual when they asked who wanted to go burn England the excitement rippled throughout Fury.

Fury was good at just about anything they tried, running towns, counties, building ports, but that wasn't where most hearts were.  Sitting on nodes and revolting towns were always fun, but marching to war brought everyone together in such a beautiful way.

They had spent a lot of time organizing the platoons, filling up on supplies, making sure all were properly prepared and now their council term had ended and it was time to go.

As they all gathered, Angel looked around, her heart full, with a grin and a wink to her family and friends, she took her place and began the march.

Stender wrote:Stender woke up to the sound of Lurks bloody rooster, semi falling out of bed, stumbling on his trousers, banging his feet against the water bucket. He rushes to get dressed, hanging on his sword belt, adding his well honed sword and strapping on his shield while splashing water in his face at the same time.
"WE ARE GOING TO WAR!" he roars as he opens the door and runs towards Lurk.
He opens the door, as no one seems to have it locked, and pulls Lurk from bed. "Wake up! We're going to miss the war!! GET UP, GET UP!"
While Lurk is returning to the land of the living, Stender starts to make some coffee while packing food for on the road.

Rosalynn wrote:Rosa had been both looking forward to the march and preparing for the journey, so when she woke up that morning, after dressing in pants and shirt, and carrying her shoes, she headed toward the assigned gathering point hoping she didn't step on a thistle or sharp rock.  Not sure what to expect, along the way, she'd packed as light as possible regarding clothing and heavy on food, figuring drink, even if only water, would be available along the way.  It was an awesome feeling of relief to her that she no longer had access to the CC offices as that was a weight that weighed heavily on her.  She wondered how long it would take before Glasgow realized their council was no longer present as more than likely, the date of the next election for council will have been put off.  Rosa shrugs and smiles and banishes the intruding thoughts from her mind as she musters with the others awaiting assignments. She knew she was to be a platoon leader and that the Twiddle Dee and Dum twins, otherwise known as Lurk and Stender, would be joining her platoon so she looked around for them.  She can't help but grin as they do provide another skill or talent not of the norm, that being entertaining the troops.  Standing back of the group of people, she waits patiently for them to show up.

Aasha wrote:Scotland, hell how long had it been since she was here? It felt like forever, even longer since she'd seen any of her friends and family here. When she caught up with Angel, she might just hug her...wouldn't that be a shock in the pants, or skirt for Angel? Aasha grinned, imagining her face, then wondered how long it would take for her group to catch up with them. The ship ride over sucked big time, even worse since she'd not be captain even for a minute this trip, it gave her way too much time to think about the fact that she was on water, the one thing she hated almost as much as Englishmen.

Hmmm...she hadn't seen Lurk in what seemed like forever either. Of course, she'd not quite decided what she would do when she saw him. Though the rumors she'd heard about he and Stender were disturbing, so she was almost positive her dagger would be involved. Aasha looked around, then did her best to hurry her group along before they missed out on all of the fun.

Cazaure wrote:Working through the night Caz is amazed that Angel used to have to handle all of this and more all on her own. He can see why people might be afraid of her, organising and planning day and night must eventually whittle down ones patience.

Although the work is long and hard it is something he enjoys thoroughly, when working long hard hours it gives him the perfect excuse when opening a bottle of whisky once he has finished his work. You really can enjoy fine whisky so much more when your slouching in the chair feeling your body slowing down and eventually drifting off into a relaxing sleep.

Waking up in his chair, empty glass still in hand. Caz drags himself to his feet. Walking over to a big chest Caz begins to prepare his armour for war. Recently acquired, muttering to himself about the shininess of it, he can't wait to have it soaked in English blood. Finally strapped on he picks up his already  prepared bags full of food and walks out of his home to meet up with the army.

Lurk wrote:He dashed forward, sword in hand, fending of attackers, slashing and stabbing around himself, dodging arrows and spears the like!
Out of nowhere the ground started shaking, and he fell over, as a godly voice from above called his name!
Who was this presence, calling for him to get up? Why was the ground shaking? Where was he??
Blinking with his eyes Lurk sees Stender shaking him out of bed. The last evenings had been hard with preparations for war, and when he finally got to bed he was so wired for the march it took a long time to fall asleep. Gorgeous George's morning call had not woken him up as usual
Damn Rosalynn will be pissed if we are late! Hurry mate, we got to get running, Lurk said while rushing to get his gear, all polished, sharpened, oiled and packed
They where to platoon up under Rosa's command for the 1st time, and there where no room for coming late. A march he had been looking forward to a long time. The latest news was even that Aasha had arrived in Scotland with an army, with plans to rally with ours

He turns to Stender and ask
We have any plans of annoying Angel on this trip mate? Should we bring George??

Stender wrote:Finished packing Stender and his buddy Lurk race out the door. "Yes of course we should bring our cock! Gorgeous George would love the trip!"
He quickly lifts GG and places him on Lurks shoulder "Hold on GG!"
Together they run for the meeting point and meet up with platoon leader Rosa.
"Soldier Lurk, soldier Stender and cock Gorgeous George reporting in Sir! Err M'am!"

Aasha wrote:Good thing the armies knew there were others coming to join them. It wasn't long before Aasha and her group met up with both the NNGO and the Fury armies. She had a lot of anger to work out, and the best target was always some english nitwit. There were plenty of them to go around. And in a pinch, there were a few of her fellow comrades that she could take frustration out on. A few of whom were guaranteed to be in the armies that were now in sight.

Aasha didn't even try to hide her presence, or come in quietly. In fact, she made as much noise as possible, her voice carrying over the clamoring of weapons. Sure to make a few men's feet quake in their boots if they we aren't already in hiding. Angeeellll, I'm 'ereee... She looked around for Angel and gramps, then for Lurk...they had a lot to talk about and she wasn't sure all of it would be good.  


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Re: The Bonfire

Post  Aasha on Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:48 pm

Tod wrote:Tod sits over by one of the Fury campfires telling tall tales with Seldom of the last war to Cookie and a few of the other younger lads. At times waving Hedgie around to good effect.

He does wonder if he will run into his wife and what her reaction will be, as he belives she thinks he is dead.

Angeljoy25 wrote:They had marched for days before reaching where the NNGO armies were camped.  Breathing in the sea air mixed with the smell of campfire smoke, hearing the laughter of their oldest allies Angel smiled.

Nodding greetings to old friends and new ones alike, Angel sought out Anto for a status update.  After a brief meeting, she located Caz, and instructed him to let the troops know that we would be making a proper camp here for a short time and to get things organized.

The first morning was actually quite eventful.  Most of the camp had been sleeping when the quiet was pierced by the sound of a rooster.  Angel had made her way towards the sound, sword drawn and ready for battle, an English ploy is what this was, she was sure of it.  When she arrived however, she simply shook her head.  Lurk and Stender, she should have known.  Keeping her voice low, she eyes both lads,
You best find a way to keep him silent or he'll be supper! Returning to her tent she mumbles about what fools bring a rooster to a damn war!

Angel always had a difficult time sleeping before a war and spent much of her time around the campfires, socializing or simply watching those she loved dearly, and those she was unsure of yet.  It was when she was indulging in the latter she heard the unmistakeable voice, one she hadn't heard for far too long.  With a laugh, she got up, dusted herself off and headed in the direction of the big voice that somehow came out of such a small lass.

Spotting Aahsa, she smiled warmly.  Knowing she was one of the few who didn't risk stabbing by showing affection, she held out her arms to embrace the girl.  Angel always felt that although hugs made the girl uncomfortable, somewhere in her, she still needed protective arms to hold her now and then.
 Aasha darling, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you. Holding her at arms length she takes a good look at the girl and frowns when she looks into her eyes, knowing that despite the outside persona, she must be dealing with some turmoil.

Grabbing her into a quick but loved filled hug she releases her with a laugh.
 You look fierce child and I'm so glad to see you.  I can't imagine a battle with the English without you.  Tell me how you're doing. She commands rather than asks, as she's wanting to make sure that Aasha remembers that she's here for her and cares about her always.

Aasha, please let me know if I need to change anything, if I godmodded or something.

Aasha wrote:It was good to see her friend, to relax even briefly and allow herself to feel something uncomplicated. Though there was something about hugs that always made her stiffen up, she never could decide if she enjoyed them, or if they made her feel trapped. Not like she couldn't still pull a dagger if need be, but still...

Nice to be seein' ya too. Still nae believe ya'll came 'ere an' I wasna on yer shippie. Bu' I made it, jus' a bit lat'r than planned. The girl met Angel's eyes, unflinching. Her face as usual, devoid of much expression but her eyes speaking volumes. Some things a person couldn't hide, no matter how well they were at it. Anyone who didn't know her well wouldn't see a thing, someone as close as Angel was would every time.

Aasha shrugged, not comfortable getting into everything until after she let out some aggression. I'm 'ere. Got a few things to deal wit' inna camp. Needs to know yer a'right wit' me talkin' to a few folk 'ere if'n I prom'se nae to kill 'em. Aasha knew Angel would understand what she meant by talking, so she paused. She was thinking of two in particular, though one would be much closer to death when she finished 'talking' than the other if she had her way. If'n ya fought the English swine wit'out me, I'd be rights mad. Ya know tha' be wha' I does bes'.

You're fine Angel, as always no worries ever.

Angeljoy25 wrote:Angel's eyes twinkled with merriment at the thought of who Aasha'd be having a chat with. You go on and take care of what you need to, just make sure they're still able to fight the English is all I ask.

Aasha wrote:Hmm...make sure they ken fights...tha' gives me a lot o' leeway in my talkin'... Aasha's smile was wicked, her eyes gleaming in anticipation of a bit of bloodshed. Thanks Angel, I'll be comin' to find ya aft'r my talks. She grinned evilly again, then winked at her friend before turning back to look over the camp. Wha' the hell? Glancing back at Angel, then deciding not to ask. Surely there was a reason someone brought a cock to camp. Dinner maybe, because if the damn rooster gave away their position, she'd make sure it was roasted on a spit, along with whomever's cock that brought it. That could wait though, the thing wasn't being too loud at the moment, it wasn't sunrise yet.

First...yes, sure enough, her ex husband was regaling the troops with stories, only half of which probably had basis in fact. And damn, sprogs in camp too? This was going to be a hell of a war camp at this rate. Slipping back to the mode she knows best, Aasha silently makes her way over, staying hidden in shadow until she is right behind Tod. Leavin' me nae break the contract lad, I'm still 'llowed to be killin' ya if'n I wants. Tis the leas' I ken do fer havin' to put up wit' ya.

Keiran wrote:Keiran sighed heavily as one of his crutches got stuck in a fallen tree branch. He tried to jiggly the crutch but so far no luck, he was stuck somewhere half way to the bonfire his favorite dearest auntie Angel had spoken some time ago.
Of course he would be way more quicker and efficient if he didn't need the bloody crutches ruining his walk. Instead of helping, these things only made him be more clumsier than he already was.
He sighed again. Doomed to be eaten by smelly flies and daring lizards. A noise from a broken branch reached Keiran, and by the looks of it, it was relatively close to him. He wondered if it was a lone wolf passing by or worst... A girl with the ugly cooties sprouting everywhere in her skin!

He gulped and swallowed that tight knot in his throat and started shaking his crutch like a mad man on his drunk days. More broken branches reached his ears, a few birds took off near by and Keiran thought today would be the day he would meet hell. He couldn't brush off that heat sensation in the bottom of his spine and the tears formed a creek in his nape.
Fortunately for the boy, what came out of a bush was only his dog Mosseater. Keiran sighed in relief and thought it would be wise to lure his dog to the branch and unstuck him. It would be a great plan if his dog didn't find it amusing to grab his crutch and run away with the new chewing toy.
Keiran sighed and mumbled beneath his breath how life was unfair and how sucky it could get.

With the crutch issue resolved, Keiran strolled to the bonfire with one crutch. Who would know a dagger in the ass could prove to be so annoying. But the fact he saved the royal queen of Scotland from possible death swelled his ego. And if anything, he could always say he was bitten by a shark. The details could be avoided in the future when bragging his achievements.
One lazy foot and a crutch at a time, Keiran reached the meeting point. He pulled out a nice fluffy pillow and placed it on top of a log, connecting his wounded butt to it in slow motion.
"Muchly bettah!" Now who to annoy... His eyes scanned the place but everyone was so far away. He could only hope anyone brought him a cookie, or a basket of those delicious crunchiness.

Angeljoy25 wrote:Returning to the campfire Angel sees one of her favourite lads sitting there.  Such a young one, but with so much spirit.  Even when she wanted to hang him by his foot from a tree, he still amused her.

Taking a seat next to him, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a little wrapped pouch of cookies.  With a smile and wink to the lad, she handed them to him.


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Re: The Bonfire

Post  Aasha on Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:55 pm

Keiran wrote:Deep in thought about the enigma of boy cows and girl cows and how to annoy angel, a familiar scent tingled his nose. A cookie! He looked excitedly where that treasure was and when he looked beside him there was his favorite auntie ever. He jumped a bit bewildered how she managed to sneak on him, and -snap- his butt started to ache. He made a mental note to change the pillow or fill it with more feathers. Maybe that rooster would be a nice acquisition for his pillow. Wait, what was a rooster doing in the camp!? But having a short attention span, his interest laid on the cookie.

He grinned from ear to ear and quickly snapped the pouch from Angel's hands. "Oh favorite auntieeee you brings me cookie!" Recently he learnt that by professing his favoritism to Angel, she would bring him more cookies. There would be no way of her noticing that! So he thought.
"Are -nomnomom- we thar yet!?" Keiran looked at her with big blue round eyes and a mouth full of cookie crumbs. He was already tired of waiting, and it only passed like a minute since he arrived to the camp. One can only assume what that sugar might do to him once it starts its effect.

Angeljoy25 wrote:Now's when we need to practice our patience.  We'll be moving on soon enough, but we want to be smart about it.  I think you'll find plenty to keep you busy around here.  Just try not to get yourself into too much trouble.  Leaning in towards him, and lowering her voice to a conspiratorial whisper, she says, I've brought a nice stash of cookies, but remember, cookies are for good lads.  Grinning, she gave his hair a tussle as she rose and went to take a walk around camp, just to check on things.

Tod wrote:Tod turns and smiles around as he hears a familar voice behind him.

Aye Aasha my wife, it appears I have not died as you may of been lead to belive.

He throws a ale skin to her and becons her to sit on a fallen tree.

I fear we have much to speak about

Aasha wrote:The nerve of him smiling at her like he'd done nothing, the unmitigated gall, the...wait, what had he called her? Wife? Every curse word Aasha knew flew out of her mouth, and some she wasn't even sure were real words. She caught the skin, more out of habit than desire, and opened it, swallowing deeply and letting the burn of the alcohol settle before trying to say anything else.' wha' is it yer thinkin' we needs to talk 'bout? I'm lookin' a' a ghost, som'one wha' dis'peared from me life fer 'is own reasons. Som'one who didna both'r to tell me anythin' till I gots som'thin' sayin' we ain't marr'd nae more. Wha' ken ya poss'bly say to tha' Tod?

Rosalynn wrote:Rosa gapes at Lurk and Stender as they join her then frowns seeing the rooster they've brought along.  She can't imagine what they were thinking bringing basically something that would give away their position! With her hands on her hips and a glaring look at them, she plans to find out.

"What are ya'll thinking bringing a rooster, of all things, along with you!? Ya'll had best put a muzzle on that critter so it doesn't 'cock-a-doodle doo' and give away our position! An alarm clock we don't need as most of us sleep light enough, we're up before dawn anyways.  Have ya'll got enough provisions for a long while?"

Tod wrote:Aye well lass while yea were off sunning yeaself in Ireland, I was still fighting for my home in Scotland, after robbing Tanissa and some other Frets, I was caught by them and imprisoned.

When I was able to escape some 6 or so months later, all had presumed me dead. I believe the brothers at the church wrote that when I was rescued from the dungeons.
 I did inquire about yea lass, and yea did appear to be over yea grieving. With one of my cousins none the less. So I decided to nay bother yea.

Aye lass it was improper of me nae to send you a letter, and for that I am sorry.

Aasha wrote:Aasha blinked, stunned momentarily into speechlessness. While I was off sunnin'...wha' the hell? Ya jus' lef', nae sayin' a word. Nae askin' if'n I wanted to go wit' ya. Dun ya try an' act likes I'm some idgit woman. I ain't nae strumpet, to be used an' set aside. Ya gots wha' ya wanted, Angel off'n yer back 'bout gettin' marr'd, a wife bu' nae a mate.

She shook her head and moved to the other side of the camp fire, trying to find the warmth she'd left behind to come here. It was mor'n six months tha' ya was gone. An' ya nae wanted to come find me aft'r ya was rel'sed.

Aasha stopped herself, reminding herself of why they'd been married in the first place. It hadn't been a love match, any feelings she had developed over time were her own weakness. Nothing he needed to see, nothing he could be blamed for. Shaking her head, she sat down and stared into the flames. We ken stay friends if'n ya wants lad. I nae blame ya, nae blame me eith'r. T'was fer the bes'. An' aye, I am ov'r grievin'...ov'r lots mor'n ya wo'ld ev'r know 'bout. Aasha's mind went to the Tudor home, a small smile playing on her lips at the memory going through her mind.  Ya nae need to be sayin' sorry to me. Ya did me a fav'r in the end. If'n we'd marr'd fer the rights reasons, ya wo'ldna be worr'ed bout wha' was prop'r, ya wo'ld wan' to find me an' lets me know ya was a'right. An' ya wo'ld've been fightin' to keep me.

Stender wrote:Stender watches those walking past their tent. One by one they look surprised and then angry when looking at his cock.
He knows it's a big cock and that it can produce a lot of sound.. But even so it's not nearly as much sound as Rosalynn and Seldom produce at night, well and the early morning...and sometimes during daytime..
Or as Tod who's raising his voice while addressing Aasha.
At least GG has the decency to only make a sound when it's time for the army to get up and start being active!
Stender did hear whispers of those afraid the English lads will hear them coming thanks to the sound GG makes. He shakes his head. "Amateurs" He says to no one in particular.
"Like you can sneak into the English camp with so many soldiers in full chain armour, who curse and spit as often as taking a breath."
Most likely it will result in the same kind of battlefield it always does, their scouts will spot us miles away. They will inform their captains, who will then call for a meeting between captains. They will either send a convoy to discus terms with our captains or they will just stand ready on a field of their choice.
Shaking his head once more, he pets GG and leaves him with some fresh birdseed.

Tod wrote:Aye lass I would very much like to remain friends, as I have always said I am very poor husband material. You do deserve better. I do cherish all the fun times we had, and who is to say we will not have more fun times in the future.

Aasha wrote:Aasha met his eyes and smiled. I will nae be sayin' yer wrong. Ya isna good fer bein' a husb'nd, bu' I was nae good fer bein' a wife to ya. We bot' des'rve bett'r'n tha', an' I'm hopin' one day ya stop runnin' from wha' oth'rs expect ya to do long 'nuff to find it. The expression on her face showed that her mind was a million miles away, her eyes almost dreamy looking as she continued to speak. Cuz when ya finds it, ya will nae regr't nothin'...tis worth waitin' fer, an' choosin' fer yers'lf.

Shaking her head slightly to realign her thoughts, she glanced from Tod to the fire. I'm sure we will be havin' fun 'gain inna fut're...killin' swine nae doubt. Jus' nae ferg't tha' jus' cuz I ain't yer wife nae more dun mean I ain't still gots leave to be killin' ya if'n I wants. T'was a prom'se tha' still stands, jus' ask Angel o' gramps if'n ya dun bel'eve me.

Keiran wrote:Keiran pouts as he sees Angel drifting away in the camp. Being good was boring and he much preferred to be a little naughty, pulling pranks on the grown ups or just steal cookies. The latter task grown to be a quite successful hobby to Keiran and proven to be awfully funny.
But since he took a severe and almost mortal blow on his butt while saving the queen from death, stealing cookies had to be postponed. Running with crutches was as fast as a turtle competing the rabbit in the race. This could not help him getting away as much as he craved for cookies.
The boy of four looked around, trying to think what possible mischief it could be done in a camp, but nothing proved to be fruitful. There were a few broken branches and a few bushes. Maybe he could pretend to be a pikeman invading the English castle which was the bush. But that didn't seem it could last for long so with a short attention spam, Keiran quickly dropped that idea. The boy then decided to walk around the camp and see if there were any playmates in the camp.

He passed outside Stender's tent and he thought he heard a cock. Keiran shrugged thinking perhaps that was all in his head but as soon as he made another step, there it was that sound again ringing in his ears.
Being a curious kid, Keiran turned and poked his head inside the tent. His eyes grew big and his mouth dropped in awe at the sight of the wonderful, big cock.
"Stender!" Keiran squeaked delighted at the potential sight of a new toy to play with.
"Can I patz et?" Keiran inquired, making small steps towards the cock and plotting already his plan...

Stender wrote:Stender was busy polishing his sword when suddenly the tent flaps open, bright light enters the tent and making it impossible to see well. All he sees is a dark figure holding some kind of long staff.
Immediately Stender grabs his sword, thinking the English have made it past the scouts and invaded the camp. He gets ready to jump into battle when he hears the figure say his name. Slowly his eyesight returns and he sees Keiran standing in the opening holding his crutches.
"Keiran! You scared me! I could have killed you on the spot, next tick be sure to knock before entering.."
Stender lowers his sword again and hears Keiran asking to patz (what the?) his cock.
"Err.. sure I guess.. Just be gentle with it, cocks have sharp claws and could attack when they are angry or scared." Stender says to Keiran.

Aasha wrote:It was clear their discussion was over. Aasha stood, knowing there was a more important conversation that needed to be had, and it wasn't going to happen if she sat her ass here at the fire. Looking towards the noise, she had a feeling she would find Lurk in that direction. After all, who else would bring a cock to war?

Making her way over towards the crowing, Aasha paused, seeing a small lad duck into the tent. Looking around, she scoops up a stray pussy and heads over. Umm...nae sure ya sh'ld be playin' wit' tha' shriv'led up ol' cock, yer bett'r off messin' wit' this 'ere pussy. Tis saf'r fer sure...longs as ya strokes 'er rights, ya will nae gets scratched up too bad. Aasha winked, then handed the sprog the pussy, backing out of the tent quickly to find Lurk. He wouldn't be far, that was Stender in there messing about with the cock...where you could find one, you could normally find the other.

Keiran wrote:In Keiran's head, thoughts of taking out the feathers from the cock to fill up his pillow were very appealing. He was sure Stender wouldn't kill him (much) if he suddenly possessed a naked cock. Another idea that crossed his mind was about a cock battle. But the downside of that idea was the fact there wasn't another cock around... Or so Keiran thought. He approached the chicken and suddenly his tummy started to growl out loud. Keiran looked down at his belly and then at Gorgeous George, and what he saw was naught the soon to be naked chicken, but a chicken on the spit.

The tent opens up again and Keiran turns to spot Aasha, gifting him later with a pussy. The pussy attracted Keiran more than the cock so seconds later, the vision of a naked cock on the spit vanished like a mirage on the desert. Keiran squat, although a bit painfully, and examined the pussy with a clear objective eye. Its fur seemed quite nice and soft, almost like the texture of velvet. It seemed very inviting to touch it and so Keiran did, with a few pats.
Quickly Keiran got up with the pussy in his hands and ran outside to show Angel his pussy, forgetting completely about the crutches.

Lurk wrote:Walking around camp Lurk had met several people he knew from An Gort, the rumors must be true then! The ship with Aasha was probably arrived and they are here now. Perhaps even Francesca and Anto was around here somewhere?
He notices Stender has visitor in and around his tent
What is this then? Matey has visitors? Ill have a look and say hi as well! he thought and went over
Coming closer Keiran suddenly came rushing out hiding something in his hands, almost running Lurk over in his hurry. Didnt that boy have a hurt leg or bum, or something? Seem pretty quick on his feet right now. Perhaps it is to get some sympathy cookies? Oh well, he smiles and shake his head.
Opening Stender's tent flap he sees who the visitor is, its Aasha!
Frozen in the opening for a while Lurk looks at her, it has been so long... And his gut feeling lateley had been bad bad
Aasha! You are here!? Its been a while he say, uncertain if he should embrace her, or what?

Aasha wrote:Aasha looks towards the tent flap as it opens once again, a very familiar voice saying her name. Aye, I'm 'ere' I'm thinkin' we sh'uld go som'where else to talk an' let Stend'r play wit' 'is cock in peace. Aasha looks towards Stender and the offended cock, grins, then walks over to Lurk. He looked scared to see her, and she didn't even have a dagger out, making her wonder what he'd done lately. Ignoring that, she pushes Lurk gently out of the tent. Is there som'where quiet we ken go lad?

Lurk wrote:I see you later bro! If im not back in a couple of hours, get hold of Angel and send out a search party, dont believe its an accident! Lurk says to his pal, leaving with Aasha
He goes for the hug
They start walking to less populated part of camp to find some peace and quiet to talk things over
Welcome to Scotland, I see the sea voyage did not deter you from comming here and fight, im happy to have you around. How are things with you and in Gort?

Rosalynn wrote:Not quite sure how to approach Stender and Lurk about the noisy cock, she considers the option to cook the critter. Shaking her head vigorously after remembering roosters are more muscle than meat, tough meat at that, to eat, she consigns herself to trying to make it through upcoming maneuvers and putting a muzzle or at least tying the offending bird's beak closed, before they move out. Thinking, 'OMG!' as another animal makes it's appearance obvious, she wishes she'd brought Rover along but then changing her mind and resigning herself to the march back to Stirling, critters and all.


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Re: The Bonfire

Post  Aasha on Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:00 pm

Aasha shakes her head, somehow not surprised that Lurk is asking Stender to rescue him later. His fear of her was part of the problem she wanted to discuss... Bringing her thoughts back to the matter at hand, she briefly hugged him, realizing with that touch that she was doing the right thing, hopefully for them both.

Once they are in a more secluded area of the camp, Aasha stop and faces him. Aye, wat'r won't keep me from comin' to fights...nor keep me from much o' anythin' I really want. Bu' ya didna know tha', did ya? I'm doin'' how is ya here in Scotland? Findin' it more to yer likin'?


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Re: The Bonfire

Post  Aasha on Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:43 am

Rosalynn wrote:Rosa winces as she sees the cock trot behind Lurk as he and Aasha move away from the campfire, as the silly bird must be thinking it's a dog.  She wishes she was one of those silly birds that buries it's head in the sand to block all the unwelcome thoughts that run like a bad movie, through her mind.

Cazaure wrote:Not ever being in a big army before Caz sits back by the campfire and watches everyone milling around. It looked like everyone was having fun till he saw Lurk and Aasha walking past. Lurk looked terrified and he wasn't sure if Aasha looked serious or was just deep in thought either way it was definitely better to not disturb them with whatever they were up too.

Spotting Stender's cock trailing behind them, Caz makes a move to intercept Gorgeous George. Grabbing the cock and carrying back to Stender's tent Caz looks at Gorgeous George.

Hmm has he got smaller? Do cocks shrink in the cold? Shaking his head Caz has an idea.

And changes direction to put a plan into action. This camp needs some entertainment.

Letting Gorgeous George loose Caz grabs some scrap wood and boulders lying around and set up a makeshift pen by the campfire. Putting Gorgeous George inside Caz heads to Stender's where he saw little Keiran playing with a pussy. Taking the pussy away from the little one he beckons everyone to follow and gather by the makeshift pen.

Holding the pussy in the air Caz shouts.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight's main event, Cock vs Pussy!"

Throwing the pussy into the pen Caz watches on with a massive grin on his face.

Cazaure wrote:The pussy landing in the pen instantly eyes the cock, obviously not wanting it to come anywhere near it. But Cocks being cocks, they love to near pussies so the cock woddles over. Crouching low the pussy slowly backs away from the approaching cock.

Gorgeous George gets so close to the pussy but suddenly the pussy dashes away. Running around the pen the cock chases the pussy. For a good 5 minutes they run around in circles, the cock never getting close to the pussy. When suddenly the pussy gets trapped in a corner, it rears up and starts hissing at the cock. Oblivious to the danger the cock still approaches the trapped pussy.

The cock stretches its head out and is inches away from the pussy, and suddenly the pussy swipes its claws at the cock. Gorgeous George just wants to make friends with the pussy and takes the hit on the head like a champ but has one of his eyes hurt a little. Still hissing the pussy stares the cock straight into its one good eye. Both stand still looking at each other with the pussy hissing every now and then but slowly the pussy calms down and its hackles lower. George seeing the pussy is a bit more at ease with his presence moves closer to the pussy.

With the cock and pussy sitting next to each other the pussy begins to groom itself and then starts to lick the cock, up and down. Up its neck and all the way to the tip of its beak.


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Re: The Bonfire

Post  Aasha on Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:54 pm

Aasha took very little notice of the rooster following her, beyond hoping that the damn thing was roasted on the fire before the night was out. She was too busy trying to figure out how to talk to Lurk. Once they were a distance from the camp, she stopped and looked up at him, looked around and found a fallen tree to sit on, and gestured for him to do the same.

In the end, it was both easier and more difficult than she expected...difficult to get started, but easy when the words started rolling off her tongue. She told him the truth, how she didn't think they were well suited for more than friendship, that his fear of her held both of them back. That she would always care for him, but they both knew it would never be what either of them wanted...she needed a man who was strong enough to stand up to her, someone who would push back if she pushed him....and as strong as Lurk was, he couldn't be that for her. He needed a woman who was softer, or someone who wanted to be the stronger of the pair. A lady rather than a warrior, someone who wouldn't challenge everything he said. All things she expected that Lurk had already figured out when he left Ireland without her, issues that had been pushed to the back in the short time they had been together.

And then she told him about her visit to the Tudor house, and about Lars. Her face glowing in the moonlight, the faraway look back in her eyes. She said it without apology, because in truth she wasn't nor could she be sorry for what had happened. And wouldn't cheapen it with words that were insincere.

By the time the girl was finished talking, she felt much better, and although Lurk had been upset, they had decided they could and would stay friends. It had gone better than she had anticipated, or had at least seemed to. She wouldn't intrude further to find out for sure. She didn't know how to deal with herself when she was upset, so someone else upset was beyond her capabilities. What she felt when she walked back to the outskirts of camp was the ache that being without Lars brought, suddenly wishing she hadn't felt the need to do this alone.


Why have a Knight in shining armor when you can have a Viking in bloody chainmail?

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Re: The Bonfire

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